The Trakus system provides customized real-time applications for broadcast and interactive media, powered by our innovative tracking technology.

KY Derby Cloths

KY Derby Cloths

More accurate and immediate than GPS or other positioning techniques, the Trakus system uses proprietary wireless communications to track tags fitted into each horse’s saddlecloth during live racing.

The durable, lightweight tag weighs 2.8 ounces (86 g) and it has the profile and size of a credit card or PCMCIA computer card, about 2 x 3 inches.

For racetracks, the size, format, and layout typical of North American racing, the Trakus system uses 6-10 trackside enclosures that host small antennas located at various points of convenience around the outermost track surface, e.g., camera turrets, light poles, grandstands, etc.

These trackside enclosures, computational server, and database instantaneously provide the precise location of each horse, average and peak speed, trip distance per segment, and relative distance from the leader throughout the race.

In the production room, Trakus’ Virtuoso™ video graphics workstation enables live and replay production enhancements, including full-field running order, sectional times and margins, a “progress”  meter, and photo-realistic 3D virtual replays from any virtual camera angle.  Remote management and system support are provided by the Trakus Network Operations Center (NOC).

The Trakus System includes a high-resolution to-scale track mDerby Antennaodel and color-coded tiles (referred to as “chicklets”) that together allow for viewers to more easily identify and follow their horses throughout a race.

The system also offers full-screen views with animated horses and virtual camera control to enable truly innovative on-air analysis.

Fans watching via trackside LED displays or from off-site simulcast can now easily follow their horse throughout the entire race.

Additionally, the unprecedented richness of Trakus data will enable new and automated statistical handicapping tools and data mining utilities.

For application developers, the Trakus system and data offer opportunities for developers to use easy-to-integrate components based on standardized XML data formatting and web services interfaces for delivering synchronized video, data, and graphics over various forms of media.

  • Real-time technology customized for horse racing
  • Instantaneous positioning of racehorses and live racing performance analysis
  • Photo-realistic replays and graphical features
  • Commercial operations covering over 110,000 live races
  • Worldwide deployments on 5 continents
  • 1M+ horses in the database


Trakus Networkpdf

The Trakus Network provides 24/7/365 remote system support for our track partners, and secure access to Trakus data archive and replay library for licensed distribution outlets.

Using modern networking protocols and methodologies, the Trakus Network delivers information services and visual presentations that are fully automated, instantaneously updated, and feature customized branding.

Designed by experienced systems engineers from the defense industry, our NOC offers maximum utility, security, reliability, and effectiveness for live race operation.