Barry Weisbord

~ Chairman

Barry leads the company’s business development initiatives in thoroughbred horse racing, adding a wealth of directly related business experience, expertise, and industry relationships to Trakus’ strong technical team. Barry has been instrumental in shaping and developing the company’s tracking system technology to meet the needs of the racing industry and is involved in Trakus’ ownership and financing activities. A Philadelphia native, Barry has successfully founded and established multiple successful business ventures, including the 2005 Tony Award-winning play Glengarry Glen Ross, as well as several initiatives in horse racing, and he has been a commercial thoroughbred breeder for many years.

Bob McCarthy

~ President & Chief Executive Officer

Mr. McCarthy became CEO in 2004, having served previously in the roles of COO and CTO. He has been with Trakus since its inception, and co-authored the initial patent on the company’s tracking system technology, along with several other patents pending. As CEO, Bob transitioned the company to focus on delivering data collection systems for thoroughbred racing, ultimately aiming to introduce and establish a spatial tracking data standard for the industry worldwide. Prior to Trakus, Bob worked at Raytheon, specializing in optimal multivariable guidance & control, multispectral signal processing, and electronic counter-countermeasures for advanced missile & radar systems. Bob holds an MSEE/AE from Georgia Tech, BSEE from Tufts, and a Master’s degree in Engineering & Management awarded jointly from MIT’s Sloan School and Engineering Schools.

Racing Operations

Peter Gargalianos ~  Director, Field Operations

Mr. Gargalianos is responsible for installation, setup, field service, troubleshooting, repairs of all in-service Trakus hardware, servers, graphic workstations, and other fielded equipment. Peter serves as project management for new installations, interfacing directly with track facilities and contractors, and maintains the Company’s comprehensive fielded equipment asset management system.

Additionally, he oversees Trakus media production and QA for television, simulcast, video boards, and CCTV systems. This includes providing onsite support, managing and training graphics operators, and serving as a key liaison to racing production departments worldwide. Peter holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Tufts University.

Dave Gibbs ~  Director, NOC & Data Center Operations

Mr. Gibbs leads the company’s dept. responsible for daily operation of live race coverage, including system operator staffing, implementation of data center capacity planning & implementation, media library and database support, all backups, failovers, and related SOPs.

Trakus NOC provides 24/7/365 front-line tech support for customer service, fielded system qualification, and periodic system maintenance. Prior to Trakus, Dave specialized in systems engineering, testing, and SQA, and held senior positions at StarBak Communications, Dialog Corp (A Thomson Company), and as consultant with other firms. He holds a BSEE from UMass Lowell.

Engineering & Product Development

James Conant ~  VP, Hardware Engineering & Manfacturing

Mr. Conant leads hardware/firmware design for Trakus, including manufacturing, assembly, integration & test.

Prior to Trakus, Jim worked at Raytheon as a Senior Engineer specializing in MW and MMW design, RF Detection Devices, and advanced RF ranging devices.

He holds 3 U.S. Patents for RF antenna design. Jim has an MSEE from University of Massachusetts Amherst, and a BSEE from Boston University.

Rob Griffin ~  VP, Software & Systems Engineering

Mr. Griffin leads Trakus’ real-time operational software design, implementation, integration and test.

He is the principal architect of the distributed client/server software & support applications for the company’s tracking system technology.

Prior to Trakus, Rob worked at Groove Networks (subsequently acquired by Microsoft), ADP/Investment Software Systems and Delphi Internet Services.

Rob holds a BSEE from Tufts University.