Trakus was founded to accelerate the emergence of digital information systems in the world of sports. Our patented, state-of-the-art electronics technology has proven the ability to track the motion of players and equipment at high speeds and accurately over wide areas. This platform has been proven to deliver dramatic new information gathering capabilities in hockey, golf, auto racing, and many other sports.

We have now turned our focus to horse racing. Our tracking capabilities will provide valuable new information to handicappers seeking fresh insights into the performance of horses and jockeys. And those same capabilities are already improving the race viewing experience which is challenged by large tracks and close packing of horses.

company_imageThe foundation of the Trakus offering is a tracking system which determines the exact location of each horse throughout the entire race. While the implications of this data for handicapping and other purposes are significant, the most visible and immediate impact of our systems is video enhancement. Our Virtuoso™ video graphics platform provides numerous types of video enhancements—from “chicklet” panes to full-field running orders to 3-D animated replays—all driven by real-time tracking data. These enhanced views can be distributed through numerous channels such as the traditional simulcast signal or large, on-site video boards.

The result is a graphically-enhanced and information-rich horse race viewing experience. The Trakus experience not only serves long-time players but also helps broaden the appeal of horse racing to the next generation.